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Legacy Archives

Suburban Senshi Entry #2193 - “DEEP LORE DROP! The Spiritual Space-Screams of the Silver Millennium through Space and Time!”
#2193 “DEEP LORE DROP! The Spiritual Space-Screams of the Silver Millennium through Space and Time!”
.'~SugaBB_2999~'. 05/15/2020
and den aftar dey boialed da farsuite ov ov ham hi was god
FireFly_9 05/15/2020
I would have thought boiling him alive to get him out of the fursuit would have caused its own set of problems.
The Intern 05/15/2020
I was going over some readings from the monitoring stations around the Solar System and have detected some strange sonic emissions from the planets.
.'~SugaBB_2999~'. 05/15/2020
dewnt b stopad intarn deres no sewnd in spase
The Intern 05/15/2020
That's not strictly true, Chibisua. While space is a vacuum and as such there's no medium for sound waves to propagate through, there are electromagnetic vibrations from objects in space that pulsate in similar wavelengths... and they are, as you humans say, creepy.
The Intern 05/15/2020
have a listen to what my probes have captured.
setsy_meioh 05/15/2020
...Intern-san, those aren't exactly the sounds of the planets as you think.
The Intern 05/15/2020
What do you mean?
setsy_meioh 05/15/2020
Those are the screams of the planetary crystals within each world.
The Intern 05/15/2020
Planetary crystals?
setsy_meioh 05/15/2020
Crystals spawned from Galaxy Cauldron aeons ago. Every Sailor Senshi has a "Sailor crystal" within them that lets them link to the planetary crystal, which is why they can draw forth on the "planet power" of each fo the planets.
FireFly_9 05/15/2020
These sounds are haunting and terrifying.
setsy_meioh 05/15/2020
Well, Hotaru-chan, that's because each one is telling a story of its worlds. Just like all your memories and essence are being copied into your Sailor Crystal every day that you live (which is why you can be brought back again and again even if your body is destroyed) , so too do the planets "remember" their past from the Silver Millennium.
The Intern 05/15/2020
Fascinating.. if only we knew what they were screaming into the void...
setsy_meioh 05/15/2020
I'm old enough to know.
setsy_meioh 05/15/2020
As you watch the video again, bear my explanations in mind.
setsy_meioh 05/15/2020
The sun is sending forth a calming regulation across the space that harmonizes the other planets. It's why the Golden Crystal of Elysion is so powerful and can easily allow one to navigate the dreamlands. It's linked to everyone in the system.
Mizunomics01 05/15/2020
Listening... I think I can "Feel" the song of my planet...
Mizunomics01 05/15/2020
Mercury is torn betwen the heat of the sun and the ice of space, hot passion versus cold logic, always struggling and fighting to find balance between the two...
FireFly_9 05/15/2020
Venus sounds like Didgeridooos.
setsy_meioh 05/15/2020
Venus was a cpatured planet from another solar system and as such has its own ancient secrets and wisdom. Aside from having the most wealth of the Silver Millennium, there's a reason why its princess could also wield the Ginzuishou... and why she looks os much like the Pricess of the Moon.
// J_Daito // 05/15/2020
Which is?
setsy_meioh 05/15/2020
A secret from the likes of you :P
setsy_meioh 05/15/2020
But like Uluru, the sacred aboriginal rock at the heart of this world's collective unconscious, so too is Venus, despite its youth, an anchor of this system's soul.
The Intern 05/15/2020
is not sure sure about the metaphysics of all this but listens
The Intern 05/15/2020
Earth just sounds like a windstorm.
setsy_meioh 05/15/2020
It's the youngest planet in terms of life and is boiling with "Adolescent passion" if you will.
The Intern 05/15/2020
Is that why humans are so obsessed with mating?
Gol_D_Lux 05/15/2020
I don't hear you complaining :P
The Intern 05/15/2020
... shall we move on
// J_Daito // 05/15/2020
Let's examine this a bit more. This is relevant to my interests
The Intern 05/15/2020
Let's talk about Mars :P
// J_Daito // 05/15/2020
She is also relevant to my interests.
Flame_Sniper 05/15/2020
F[BLEEP]k off :P
Flame_Sniper 05/15/2020
Mars... is the ancient foreboding guardian of the inner system sounding the solemn drumbeat of war. Always watching and preparing for the battles to come.
IrnChef_Jovian 05/15/2020
Jupiter... sits high in the heavens... the last outpost of the inner Solar system... watching... the place from which the Silver Millennium could rise again if the inner worlds were savaged...
SpeedRcr_X 05/15/2020
Except someone had to f[BLEEP]k that up :P
FireFly_9 05/15/2020
...Ever the uninvited guest, is Saturn :P
FireFly_9 05/15/2020
If Jupiter was the hills of Rome, Saturn, as you can hear, was a place of howling secrets and mystery, where reality itself bent into knots around the planes of the rings.
setsy_meioh 05/15/2020
Saturn was old when the system was young.
SpeedRcr_X 05/15/2020
Uranus... was like the guard-post of the outer planets, just a massive watchtower hiding all the industry of the Silver Millennium under the gas-clouds...
SpeedRcr_X 05/15/2020
Like the industrial parks at the edges of cities...
Mdm_Maestro 05/15/2020
Neptune was... so warm and yet so cold...
Mdm_Maestro 05/15/2020
You can still hear the sea-breezes.. It was a paradise of the outer worlds...
Flame_Sniper 05/15/2020
Pluto just sounds... wrong...
setsy_meioh 05/15/2020
Because time runs differently across Pluto than the other worlds. There's a reason the Plutonians guarded the gates of Time.
setsy_meioh 05/15/2020
Those sounds are from a future yet to be when cultists from The Cult of Mondas have finally risen to do their terrible works.
Mizunomics01 05/15/2020
Didn't they start just a few years ago?
setsy_meioh 05/15/2020
As I said, time runs differently. To burrow beneath the surface of Pluto is to burrow through time. They have Always been there.
Mizunomics01 05/15/2020
So the mythological underworld of Hades...
setsy_meioh 05/15/2020
Yes, Pluto is the "Underworld" of the Solar Ssytem. If you know how to navigate its depths you can access anything... past, present, or potential future.
// J_Daito // 05/15/2020
// J_Daito // 05/15/2020

July 5, 2002: Reika and Motoki were trying to understand an old woman who has seen the bitterness and the sweetness of the world, when Professor Tomoe attacked using Neflyte's psychic shadow, determined to steal the dreams of small children. As the Senshi stalled for time, The Amazon Trio joined them, jumping into battle only when attacked. Tuxedo Mask got pursued by a jealous fiance. When all hope seemed lost, the Senshi got a break through a sudden run in biting by Luna. Sailor Moon used a piercing scream amplified through her odango to win.
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