# 2371 - reports! The latest happenings in the Golden Crescent Saga!
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Suburban Senshi Entry #2371 - “ reports! The latest happenings in the Golden Crescent Saga!”
#2371 “ reports! The latest happenings in the Golden Crescent Saga!”
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note: this discussion area is for events surrounding the Earth 1337-A timeline and beyond

Log excerpt starts - 17 May 2024 12:01PM
* spiritflame stands before her fellow members of the COUNCIL OF BHAD'AZ, reporting directly to the current head Mace "M'Fin" Windu about the recent happenings in her universe. *
In the last weeks since I have last reported:
The leader of the dark faction of The Society of the Golden Crescent has expressed their displeasure that Yuki Sakuraba has awakened to her primal powers ealier than expected.
More and more people are flocking to Roppongi to hear her speak - even people with no connection to the old Silver Millennium are now dressign in Lunarian garb and wearing home-made lunar crescents in solidarity. Yuki is training them to help people in need in a sort of mutual aid society writ large. She and The Great Healer are now something on the order of almost divine personalities to a lot of the people there who have lost faith in modern society.
Valeria Victrix returned from her post with the Sailor Corps to explain who Yuki is the reincarnation of - Ninsi'anna, one of the primal Venusians who first made contact with the Selenites long before the dawn of Silver Millennium, explaining she is "Second only to the Goddess Inanna, and stronger than the Goddess Venus."
Elios choose to leave the HOTEL to go join the Society in order to help people because he felt the people at the HOTEL were more interested in being "Narcs" than doing the right thing.
Elsewhere, the mysterious "Khonshu" met up with Hazel Ninegate.

He sought to persuade her that in order to protect the future of the Humans she wanted to see ascend to future godhood over the universe, that she needed to give him her Philosopher's Stone, which has the power of almost a billion lives behind it. While she was somewhat moved, unwilling to hand over her ultimate insurance policy, she agreed to give him half, stating that their test would be to make up the difference and warning him never to approach her again.
Vermellia began adapting her Sniper-Scythe to run off "Dust", the ground up remains of Sailor Crystals that seem to be making the rounds in the black market these days, despite how Macabre that is.
While all this was happening, Chateaux found herself hacked by a mysterious force who supposedly was trying to "help everyone" while she was trying to help Liza Suminaka-Sunrise. While helping Liza she managed to capture a giant evil hand that emerged from another dimension, boxing it off in Nth Metal and sending it who-knows-where before her hacked copy was wiped and a fresh copy reloaded... after a suspiciously long delay, which as it turns out, was someone or something collecting all the data of the hacked Chateaux just before the wipe completed.
This all happened just before the Eath was hit with a Solar Storm which also had subtle effects on the structure of local spacetime - effects that a certain quirky genius were able to leverage to accomplish a feat that usually would require the combined energy output of an exploding universe, leveraging the capture and destruction of an embryonic Metallia force that was going to explode out from the sun as fuel for the creation of... something.
The Golden Crescent events continued as Maeko Nakano, a prodigious Saturnian healer, was asked to join the ranks of Healing Haven Hospital after doing amazing works outside in the Tent City, with Elios used as the messenger to deliver her invitation.
Perhaps in a portent of things to come, while Sakura, Freya and Daniel were on Planet Quinox, they recieved a chilling prophecy from the Cosmic Lodestone - "from darkness it shall threaten you all."
Detective Ema Skye asked for Kaelyn Peinforte's help in scrying the location of Mizuki Aya to hopefully get a lead on the her and by extension the leaders of the Golden Crescent, but all she saw was the old X-files "I Want to Believe" poster that Mulder had in his office.
The use of this magic caused Kaelyn's already well-advanced pregnancy to come to term early, giving Ema another shock to her conscience and causing her to question her decision-making abilities, despite everyone assuring her it wasn't her fault.
As a result of the birth, the Peinforte family and a lot of their friends, including Sakura, whose son Ike was the father, to be tied up with helping out with the baby, reducing the resources looking for the Golden Crescent even further.
Still, events continued on. Ema and Matsumi also noticed something strange going on with Matsumi's sister Joanna, but they aren't sure what it is.
Making matters worse, Ema was called in to a crime scene at the Mugen academy bookstore. It looks like Hotaru was kidnapped by two or more people with the powers of Neptune, who used their abilities to flood the store and knock out the power. Speaking to Sean Collins, one of the last original survivors of Saturn from the Silver Millennium, it's been speculated that the reincarnated Neptunians might have an ancient grudge towards Hotaru, not trusting Saturnians of old. Ema also remembers Mizuki Aya referring to Saturn as basically "Satan".
Sean also told Ema that the Great Healer, being a male Saturnian reincarnate, would be greatly imperiling his life doing what he's doing because of differences in biology between Saturnian males and females, leading her to realize he shouldn't have been able to carry on this long without some kind of external force keeping him going.
This caused her to think back to all the reports of missing people in the wake of the Roppongi Tent City riots and "Shambles" attacks, leading her to have a horrible suspicion about dark happenings that might be going on around the hospital that the Great Healer may not know about.
Now the pressure is on to save Hotaru and keep The Great Healer - who has become a symbol of hope for so many - from dying, before either word of Hotaru's kidnapping leaks out and all out war between reincarnated factions starts in the present and the Saturnians just nuke everything, or the Healer dies and the city explodes into flames.
It frustrates me that in my position as God of the North Galaxy I cannot intervene... but as Sakura said... "everything is ultimately about the history. How we perceive it, how we interpret it, and how we integrate it into our understanding of the present."
I only hope humanity can learn that lesson in time.
Log excerpt ends - 17 May 2024 12:41PM

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